Thanks to everyone who participated in Youth Rock Camp 2022!!! You Rock!

Our gear loan program is currently paused as we revamp our system. Thank you for your patience (Last update: 10/7/2022)

All participants and volunteers are welcome to borrow our music gear year-round for a small deposit, which they get back when the instrument is returned. By offering this service, we seek to provide access to instruments beyond the program environment and allow participants to continue to practice at home.

We currently have over 100 instruments loaned out in the community. Gear loan of any specific instrument is subject to availability.

Deposit rates are as follows:

No participant is turned away for lack of funds. If you are not able to put down this deposit, please contact with your circumstances, and the deposit fee can be waived.

All gear loan participants will need to submit a Gear Loan Agreement: Youth Gear Loan Agreement Adult Gear Loan Agreement

Contact Gear Loan with any questions!